Elderberry Wine?


I am a total newbie at this and I have no idea what I can do, but I'm going to try. I have information from the internet on what equipment I need and how to use it but I don't know what to use first. Since the blackberries were already gone before I ever thought of doing this and elderberries are just now starting to form, I thought I would wait for them and use them for this experiment. I've always heard of elderberry wine but is it any good?


Defender of the swill
Elder is a potent berry. You dont need as great a quantity per gallon as watery fruits like strawberrys. It tends to stain your buckets too. A lot of specialty wines have a grape base. Something like 2 pounds elders, 2 cans of Welches white grape and 2 pounds of sugar would give you a gallon+ of your own home made hooch.