Electric kettle versus stove top

Which do you prefer?

I got an electric kettle for Christmas last year, and it's rendered my stove top kettle completely defunct. I can take it anyway, and since I work from home, it's a must. I don't know what I would do without it!


I haven't had a stove top kettle for a long time. My mom used to have one but she got rid of it because it was so old. I will say those things brew a great cup of coffee! I still have a regular kettle for tea and stuff though.
I've never used a stove top kettle for coffee. Is there a special kind, or can you brew coffee with any kettle? Might be worth checking out--I'm all for trying new methods for making coffee and tea.
I've never heard of an electric kettle. I use the stove top kind and usually just brew tea with it. My counter space is valuable and if an electric kettle has to be on the counter, I'll stick with my stove top one.


This reminds me of a photo I've seen where the person put the electric kettle on the burner and it was all melted onto the stove. :D I just use a regular stove top kettle. I have one that whistles, which is annoying, by the way.

What makes the electric kettle better? I am going to guess and say it keeps the water hot all day. Is that right?


The electric kettle is more portable so you can take it wherever you go. I'm guessing that's the attraction. I don't have one as I'm in the same boat as wreckthehalls with tight counterspace. I'm not a big one for one-trick pony gadgets, either. My teakettle heats water for all kinds of things, not just making a cup of tea.


I just had this mental image of someone taking their electric kettle with them to the movies, shopping, on a visit to friends. "Excuse me. Can I borrow an electric outlet?" o_O

On a serious note, I can see how this would be handy for taking to work for tea, coffee, or Ramen noodles, but in places without electricity, you'd be out of luck.