Empty Wine Bottles

I hate to admit this, but I have thrown away more empty wine bottles than I care to admit. They are all pretty bottles and I have often wondered, if anything could be done with them. I would love to recycle or cell them. Any suggestions?


When I was a student, many years ago, my friends and I used to use empty wine bottles as candle holders. We thought that they looked attractive with wax running down them! I have been to a few pubs with these on the tables too.


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I saw something on TV the other day about a guy building a house with recycled materials and he used bottles, laid on their sides, to build walls. It looked pretty good, a wall of bottle bottoms!
I think I like wild's suggestion the best. I'm too old to do the candle thing and I don't know that I would ever have enough to build a house. I will surely start saving them though and see if I can find anyone interested. Thanks for all the suggestions.


Lots of recycling centers will recycle glass so you may want to check with your local recycling center and see if they will accept them. There are also a lot of crafts that you can do with glass bottles. My wife was showing me some the other day on Pinterest and she was interested in some of them.


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I remember those wine-bottle candles. In our circles, Chianti bottles were the most popular ones for these. We made some for a dance once as part of the decorations. They were really pretty, but the fire inspectors wouldn't let us burn them.


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I know some people that collect them, others that turn them into something else similar to the candle holders. I knew one gal years ago that would re-use her bottles for incense holders for the types that burn really low heat wise.