Fall Crafts


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Are any of you guys working on any Fall crafts this year? My kids are already excited about Halloween so to stave them off a little longer we are going to do some leaf crafts tomorrow.


Oh, yes we always do lots of crafts at this time of year. We make pumpkins and scarecrows, and last year we even made ghosts to hang from the tree in the front yard.


We don't do a lot of fall crafts but generally we've started any homemade Christmas gifts by now. I try to give at least one handmade item to each person on my gift list, even if it's something quick and easy like make-a-mix jars.


Not yet... we have been way too busy with sporting events. I hope to get started on fall crafts next weekend. My kids love to do crafts and so do I.


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This weekend the kids ended up making their own masks and got a little crafty. Next weekend we will be making more but they will be spooky ones. Think ghouls, goblins and scary monsters. We have done this for years and always take two weekends before the big day. The kids like having fun changing them out when they help man the door for the trick-or-treaters.