Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing system


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I saw this on my last trip to Costco and thought about picking one up. Does anyone on this forum use this system for vacuum sealing? What do you think? If not do you have a different system that you like better? What do you end up using your vacuum sealer for?


We picked this one up at Costco for a much lower price.
I'm very happy with it and even happier that I can use
other (cheaper) vacuum sealer bags.


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I've always wondered about these and if they were worth the price. We don't have a Costco near us but do have a Sam's that I guess I could look at to see what they have and their prices. Do they really work well though?


I have been wanting a foodsaver for forever. I have done a lot of research on them and most people say if you want to use it a lot then spend the extra and get the one that's in the $150 range.


This is interesting to me. I have bought food that has been vacuumed sealed but never considered doing it myself. How long with food keep after being sealed and what kinds of food are best?


Thanks Wild! I know my parents were talkign about getting me one for Christmas, but this is the same model I have been looking at considerably cheaper!

Rayne in the freezer you could keep meat easily for very close to a year, if not longer. I also plan to use mine for food that I dehydrate, and I know people keep that food WAY longer than a year.


I'm always ready for a new kitchen gadget. I have wanted one of these for quite some time. We had one of the old Seal-A-Meal machines but it didn't vacuum seal the bag. That's what I've been wanting.
I found one of these in my hubby's things down in the basement. I pulled it out, cleaned it up and used it a few weeks ago. It was pretty awesome and I will definitely keep using it.


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They are definitely a nice thing to have on hand. You can use them for so many things from freezing bulk meat purchases to sealing up homemade goodies for storage. I can use the cheaper bags as well. We usually buy a big roll of it and cut the size we need.