Freezing summer squash


I just found out that you can freeze summer squash without it getting all gloppy when you thaw it out. Just cut into thick chunks and blanch for 3 minutes, then freeze. I didn't grow any this year, but I see it on the reduced veggie rack at the grocery store a lot this time of year. I'm going to start grabbing it all and freezing it up as it's one of my favorite vegetables.
I am not a huge fan of the summer squash if it is the one I think it is. It's the one that looks like zucchini only yellow right? I do freeze other types of squash though. I just bought some corn on the cob on the markdown rack today to freeze actually.


I have tried to freeze summer squash and have had no luck. We have about 25 of these little monsters in our fridge right now. It seems to be the best veggie that grew this year in our garden. The plants are still producing with new squashes coming on strong. I'll try this with a few of the ones we have. I usually just try to shred it and freeze it. This seems to work the best for me.