Frozen vs. Canned

If you're one of us that still likes to garden and prepare for the winters, do you prefer your vegetables canned or frozen? I canned for years and years but the more I read the more I think frozen is the way to go. It seems that freezing veggies is more nutritious in the long run than canning. Which do you do?


I prefer freezing for fruits and vegetables, whenever possible. Some can be frozen without any prepwork, beyond cutting them up, and others only need a light blanching. I think vegetables, especially, taste fresher when frozen than when canned.


Frozen vegetables taste much better, so that's the way I'd go if I needed to preserve produce. I don't know what is all involved, though.


If we are doing only a veggie I like to freeze it. I do can some though, it is usually when I add two together. We can tomatoes and peppers together. I also can spaghetti sauce.


Frozen veggies do taste better and they have more nutrients too. I try to freeze everything that I can. The end product just taste better - more like the original product.


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I freeze or dehydrate all of my garden harvest. I do think that the veggies taste fresher when you freeze them versus canning them. It is also a much simpler process than canning.


Maybe I'm odd, but food that gets frozen has a bland taste for me. It's like chewing paper. If it's properly canned, food seems to retain its flavor better.


I like my veggies frozen and my fruits canned. I will can most vegetables, but never corn. I don't know what it is, but canned corn never tastes as good as fresh or frozen. When I freeze fruits they always turn to mush when I thaw them. I must be doing something wrong when I freeze them because I seem to be one of the few people that have that problem!


I prefer the taste of most produce frozen rather than canned, plus freezing is so much easier than canning. I save canning mostly for tomatoes and pickles.
I think canning is the way to go, especially for when for some reason the electricity goes out. However, I do agree that the flavor is best whenever something is frozen but not freezer burned.


For me, it all depends on which fruit or vegetable it is. Strawberries, for example, don't freeze very well, but you are able to can them and they are delicious. Whenever I freeze produce it gets too many ice crystals and it changes the whole texture. I wish I had a vacuum sealer.