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My dad's got a Gluten intolerance, but loves his beer - he used to brew his own before he was diagnosed.

I know it's something he misses doing, especially now I've decided to start!!!

So, how easy is it to make Gluten free been and do you have any good recipes?

Then I can get him brewing again, and he'll be more inclined to give me some tips if he can drink the final product:)


There are several great gluten free recipes out there so google your butt off. But to start, here is an eHow on gluten free beer.


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I saw some Africans on Discovery or History channel making gluten free beer from sorghum.They had a big vat of it and were diligently adding enzymes by chewing on a gob of it and spitting it back in the vat. Better recipes are likely available but the taste of theirs is probably difficult to duplicate.


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That sounds gross. The wife also has a gluten intolerance and it affects her meal choices and drinking. She used to drink beer but now she can't, the gluten free stuff is too expensive.


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I looked the recipe over---it looks delicious. We have a good friend who developed celiac disease pretty late in life, and he really misses beer. He's retired, so he might like to pursue his own brewing.


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That sounds gross. The wife also has a gluten intolerance and it affects her meal choices and drinking. She used to drink beer but now she can't, the gluten free stuff is too expensive.
Your right that does sound gross and I can't imagine serving something much less drinking something that was made that way.


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Gluten-free beer is part of the rising gluten-free product trend. The market for gluten-free foods and
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I'm just starting to learn, so I did some googling, too. The ones that got my attention were the gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate beer muffins and gluten-free beer batter for dinner rolls. Okay, I just found the best one yet: gluten-free beer batter for onion rings.


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The foods containing Gluten are leadings for serious diseases such as diarrhea after eating and the diseases like Crohns, Coeliac.It is our endeavor to produce the best products for our family members whenever their particular dietary requirements insist on a controlled and strictly monitored variety of natural ingredients. Our range of gluten and wheat foods is constantly grouping with more new and existing additions. Some of the regular foods that we can still eat, without doing any gluten free baking at all. We have to try it and then try it again and must not use a regular recipe by exchanging hours, Use recipes those are moist already , If we have any problems with lactose, use the recipes free from lactose including buttermilk rather than milk.

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I usually avoid foods containing Gluten in higher quantities. We all familiar with the products made with wheat such as polka and others works best in diets, We should come across some interesting facts while using these. Some objects to the use of whole-wheat flour products because of allergic reactions. But in recent years, many have discovered that only wheat causes allergic reactions.The original un-hybridized grain, called "spelt wheat", has no such allergic side effect. The whole what spelt flout is now marketed in large supermarkets and health food stores. Only where man had intervened to improve upon what we find in case of negative results.Besides substituting whole grains in place of processed and bleached grain products, organic fresh fruits and vegetables should be preferred over those that are canned or processed.


I didn't realize there was such a thing as gluten-free beer, but I guess it makes sense since there are other grains to choose from. I wouldn't mind trying gluten-free beer; I hope it's better than the gluten-free pizza I had once. ;)