'Grow-Hops' is the best Internet resource about growing hops


Bill Velek

Our free Grow-Hops group SPECIALIZES in the topic of growing ingredients
to brew beer -- primarily hops but some minor coverage of barley and
brewing-herbs, too. Now with 1,140 members, including some professional
growers/farmers, we're undoubtedly the largest and best resource about
growing hops on the Internet today; if you have an interest, please join
us at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Grow-Hops

It's not too late to be put on our list for free hop rhizomes (based on
availability, and limited to the U.S.), and we have an extensive list of
commercial sources, too, in case we run out or if you live outside the
U.S. (I have NO financial interest in any of them). We're just a bunch
of friendly homebrewers who also like to garden and are trying to ensure
a supply of the hops we want during the ongoing hop crisis. I know that
I've made similar announcements, but since our membership is expanding
even faster now than a few months ago -- over one hundred in just the
past week -- this is evidence that there is still a lot of interest and
a need to keep this information readily available within all homebrewing
communities -- especially since time for preparations is quickly running
out. And because we specialize in _gardening_ topics, all other brewing
discussion is OFF-topic in our group; we're therefore not a replacement
for _any_ brewing forums, so you should continue to support this group.


Bill Velek