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Discussion in 'Soda' started by clarkdart, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. clarkdart

    clarkdart Active Member

    Is it possible to make homemade healthy soda? Most of the gimmicks I see advertised offer the fizzy and pop that most name brands do but no one really talks about how healthy (or unhealthy) it may be. Is this possible?
  2. wild

    wild Moderator

    Try homemade ginger beer (ginger ale here in the US) or root beer. Not the ones made from extracts but real roots. They will taste better and are better for you. Enjoy.
  3. corked

    corked Member

    If you use real fruit juices as the base, then the soda would be healthy. Homemade ginger ale is also healthy for you, if you don't get carried away with your sweeteners or use the fake stuff. Ginger is super good for you, as it has anti-inflammatory properties which help with just about any disease.
  4. clarkdart

    clarkdart Active Member

    I might need to check out the root beer. How hard is it to make from home? I think something like that might be a fine idea as a family project since the kids love floats and I love the beer.
  5. BrewJen

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    I never really thought about any soda, even homemade ginger ale or root beer, being healthy. I guess I just see soda as an indulgence.
  6. Allhops

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    There are so many things you can do to make a healthy soda. First off, if you get the Soda Stream, you got the whole carbonated water system down. It'll be much cheaper in the long run than buying the carbonated water itself.

    Then, all you gotta do is flavor it with whatever you like. Ginger ale, root beer, are definitely good starts. You can use fresh fruit, fruit juices, or even fruit concentrates.

    Here's a great link you should check out.

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