Homebrew scene helps fuel microbrewery boom


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I’m happy to begin my first beer column with LEO Weekly in the same place where many Louisville brewers start — the homebrew shop. Specifically, Brewgrass Homebrew Supply at 2227 S. Preston St.
John and Sam Ronayne started Brewgrass Homebrew Supply in June 2015. And while, yes, homebrewing is a fun hobby, and Brewgrass certainly has attracted its fair share of newbies and amateurs over the last four years — the humble homebrew shop in Germantown is partly responsible for much of Louisville’s continued brewery growth and creativity.
“In addition to being a retail store for all the local homebrewers, we keep accounts for all the local breweries,” John Ronayne said. “So, if somebody is low on two bags of two-row malt or a strange ingredient or hop variety, the brewers can come down and grab whatever they need.”

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