Homemade cheeseball


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Does anyone know how to make a homemade cheeseball? My grandmother always made them around the holidays, and now that she has passed no one remembers how!


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Years and years ago as a struggling student, I worked in a hotel kitchen and had to make these from time to time. As I recall we grated two or three kinds of cheese and added a little vinegar and Worcestershire, formed it into a ball then rolled it in chopped nuts.

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It really depends upon what type you would like to make. You can make several from a combination of cream cheese that has been left to come to a malleable temperature. Here is the link to one of Paula Deen's cheeseballs with bacon:

The Heavyset Cheese Ball

And here's another:

Pineapple Cheese Ball

I haven't tried Paula's version but it sounds delicious. I have tried the Pineapple Cheese Ball though and it is delicious! There is also one that you make with cream cheese and marshmallow cream and serve with graham cracker pieces or Teddy Grahams. I don't have the recipe in front of me, but I'm sure you could improvise that recipe.


The Pineapple Cheeseball looks very easy to prepare and it sounds delicious! I went to an old friend's house once and she served cheeseball with Ritz crackers, and it was scrumptious. I think she mixed cream cheese and cheddar cheese.
I LOVE the dried beef cheese balls! They are so good. I've seen cheese balls made with Velveeta Cheese too and they are good. If you can find green onions, the tops go very well in any cheese ball. Make up your own with cream cheese and any other cheese then add what you want. I like pecans on the outside of mine.


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My favorite one is a port wine cheeseball. It's straight from the grocery but I look forward to it every Christmas. Cheese is definitely one of my weaknesses. I might have to try that pineapple cheeseball.


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One of the easiest to make is with cream cheese. Soften slightly and form it into a ball. You can even add bits of dried fruit or fresh herbs like parsley or basil. Then roll it in walnut or pecan pieces, or smaller pieces of dried fruit. Serve with breadsticks or crackers. Yummy!
My Grandmother made the Old Four Cheese Ball recipe..I hope this is somewhat similar to what you were asking for...
1 cup shredded Swiss cheese (4 ounces)
1 cup shredded American cheese (4 ounces)
1 3-ounce package cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup mayonnaise or salad dressing
2 tablespoons chopped pimiento
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon bottled hot pepper sauce
1/2 cup crushed potato chips
1 1/2 teaspoons grated Parmesan cheese
Bring Swiss cheese and American cheese to room temperature. In small mixing bowl beat together cream cheese and mayonnaise with electric mixer. Beat in Swiss and American cheeses. Add pimiento, Worcestershire, onion powder, and pepper sauce. Chill at least 1 hour. Shape into a ball. Mix potato chips and Parmesan. Press over outside of ball. Wrap in clear plastic wrap. Refrigerate till firm. Makes 1 ball.
My family makes a great cheese ball, but I am not going to share the recipe because it is a family secret! You know how those recipes are and it can lead to you getting kicked out of the family if you share it!


Lol I love cheese balls. I was on a traveling assignment in wisconsin one year and lived about 2 blocks from The Swiss Colony. I know I gained about 10 lbs in t5hat 13 week assignment. There was cheese and sausages and more flavors of cheese balls than you could shake a stick at. I say start with a cream cheese base add a little mayo and then start adding what ever flavors and cheeses you like.


There are lots and lots of different kinds of cheeseballs. They're not hard to make at all either. It's just a matter of finding the right flavors. Do you remember what her cheeseballs tasted like? As in, were they spicy? Were they covered in nuts?


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I have had the kind covered in nuts that Jessi mentioned. My grandma makes them every christmas for the holidays for some reason. I think they are goat cheese with green onion and covered with slivered almonds. I may be wrong though. Can anyone chime in and correct me if I am wrong?


. I think they are goat cheese with green onion and covered with slivered almonds. I may be wrong though. Can anyone chime in and correct me if I am wrong?
Sounds like a good cheeseball to me! Really, it could be anything in there. This one for example:

When you cut it open:

I can see for sure that I had green chiles and cheddar cheese in there, too. And that's walnuts on the outside instead of almonds even. So delicious, though.


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Oh cheese, how I love you! I have been looking for a few recipes lately for this too. We are all cheese-heads in this family and besides being the one now in the family responsible for deviled eggs, you guessed it, cheese balls!


Inspired by Giada de Laurentiis, I made a cheeseball rolled on mixed herbs. I used goat cheese for this experiment and it tasted so good that I used it as filling for French bread slices.


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So many of the cheese balls sold in stores are overpriced. There's also very little variety; they're usually either cheddar or port wine flavored, although once in a while you can get a Swiss flavored one. However, all of these seem to be made with processed cheese flavoring, rather than actual, real, wonderful cheddar!

The best homemade cheese balls, in my experience, are made by combining cream cheese with a big grating of cheddar or Swiss. After that, you can spice them and roll them as you wish--and yes, nut coverings are yummy. Almonds and pecans in particular pair wonderfully with cheese.


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Cheese is my favorite food, period. I like the Philly cheese one here that works pretty good. We tend to use a good bit of wheat crackers (with nice grains, yum), kids love them and they are good for you.