Hot Jalapenos

Between me and my neighbor, we ended up with many, many jalapenos last summer. Rather than can them, we cut them up, put in jars and covered with pure vinegar. All winter now, we have been eating those peppers on nachos, sandwiches and beans. They sure are good!!! We're looking forward to growing some more this year. What do you do with your excess peppers?


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I will let you know if I ever can get an excess. But when you make ABT's those things go quick.


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I don't usually have extras either because the wife makes homemade salsa with our tomatoes, green peppers and jalapenos all summer long. We dive into that stuff like crazy. what do you do with them after they are covered in the vinegar? Do they have to be refrigerated?
Yes Stalemate. I keep them in the refrigerator until they are gone which usually doesn't take long. They are just as hot today as they were when I put them in vinegar. Makes any dish very flavorful.
We love hot vinegar peppers. Along with eating the peppers, my family likes to use the juice from the peppers to sprinkle over certain dishes. We have a variety of different dishes we use it on. Any type of greens, such as mustard, turnip, or collards. Also beans are another favorite to top with the pepper vinegar. Lima beans and blacked peas served over rice, for example.


I haven't grown jalapenos because we don't use them that often. This post is making me crave some poppers and hot salsa though. Maybe we’ll have Mexican for dinner tonight.