Beer is a wonderful thing and there is nothing more awesome than imbibing on some delicious home brew. Come join us and Brewmeisters Anonymous as they do a demonstration brew on the patio. They will also be here to answer an questions you may have about home brewing.

We will also be serving up one of the most delicious beverages known to man, HOT SCOTCHIES! I like to compare this drink to drinking Hot Toddies. More info below on the beverage:

"The origins of the following ritual are rather sketchy, but the late Russell Scherer is often credited with introducing it to the craft-brewing scene. Jim learned about hot scotchies from Artie Tafoya on a very cold, snowy day when he was brewing at the Hubcap Brewery in Vail, Colorado. The process is very simple. once you have recirculated and clarified your wort, draw off about a pint of first runnings, leaving enough room in the glass for an ounce of good single malt whisky. Add the scotch, mix well, and drink. The rich malt sugar of the wort combines wonderfully with the whisky - particularly a peatier Islay or lowland scotch - to make a delicious warm drink that gives you a nice energy boost during your brew day. A hot scotchie at the beginning of the lauter can help prevent stuck mashes - or at least make them easier to cope with when they occur."
Ray Daniels | Jim Parker "Brown Ale", Classic Beer Style Series, p. 109

I will be donating the first 5-gallons of first runnings for hot scotchies at Ground Control in Litchfield on February 22 to commemorate the end of Arizona Beer week.