How did you find us?


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how did you find us

evnin.just put in about home brewing a few times and this looked like a good 1.just doin some brewin now


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how did you find us

I was looking for information on bottle openers in google when I stumbled across the forum. Wish I had found it last year when we tried to brew our own ale at home, it was blo*dy awful. :D

Cheers Tom


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stumbled across...

Greetings all! I just happened to find this place from another forum, browsing for some research on brewing, looks like I found the right place!


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I was looking to buy some 3 gallon Corny's and found a link to this site from Yahoo.

I'm still looiong for those kegs BTW ;)

omar wilson

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was looking for some beer reciepies and stumbled accross this site. made my own beer years ago and just now getting back into it


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I used my search engine for "home brewing" and found this. Did not take but a few mins. of lurking to see that I wanted to join.


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hi fellow beer lovers!
i was searching ways to cool down my brew (summer in japan is HOT! 38'C in my kitchen!) when i stumbled here... glad i did!


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was looking for . . .

a good soruce for corny kegs . . . . and the site showed up in a goole search . . .

glad to be here . .