How long can you use the bottles


Is there a limit to how many times you can use the same glass bottles or can you use them forever as long as they remain in good shape?


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I use them until they break, or on strange occasion, there gets some gunk on the bottom that just does not want to come off. I really need to switch to keging.


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Glass is pretty strong and can be used multiple times. As long as the glass isn't weak, ie cracks, you can use it as much as you want. I think I've only had one bottle break in the past 5 years.


You could probably use them until they break, but if there are scratches, bacteria can actually manage to hide inside the gaps you might want to get replace that bottle.


You can use them until they break. Just like canning jars if you clean and sterilize them properly you can use them constantly. However, you should make sure you look at the bottles each time.
You can repeatedly use these items as long as they are glass! They are expensive after all and you should get the full use out of them before they wear out. Just make sure you wash them out and sterilize them properly between uses.
We keep ours until they no longer look durable, start to look dingy or break. They were investment, so we plan to have them for the long haul!


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You can reuse glass bottles many many times. There really isn't a set limit to how many times you can use them. It depends on how strong the glass is. It will either start to grow some kind of mold inside or it will break.