Icing top on breads


Help me out here... looking for recipe or ideas on what I can put on top of my apple or pumpkin bread. I want to sweeten it up and make it look more decorative.


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That is a very good question. I have had my fair share of being a taste tester but I have never actually made pumpkin bread. I would be more than willing to try it out if we can get an answer though.
What about using a drizzle icing? You could use plain confectionary sugar and water or you could add a drop of orange cake coloring the color of a pumpkin. To spice it up, a little cinnamon sprinkled on top of the drizzle would be wonderful. Let us know what you decide.
I usually just mix confectioners sugar and milk until it is drizzling consistency on top of sweet "dessert" breads. it works out pretty well. You can add spices or vanilla if you want to.