Irish Soda Bread


Do you like Irish soda bread? I want to like it but every time I try it, it's too dry and tasteless for me. I don't know if I just haven't found the right recipe or if that's just the way the bread is.


I've tried it several times too BrewJen and it's the same. Kind of bland and crusty. We do enjoy toasting it and adding butter and jam. It's great for breakfast. Here's a recipe that calls for raisins. Maybe that would make it taste better.


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I have never had this but we are looking into making more breads. What is needed to make this from home? Does it take longer than most others do?


Soda bread is a quick bread with basic ingredients. You need buttermilk, flour, salt, and then some baking soda for leavening. It takes less time than yeast breads since you don't need to wait for it to rise. Jude's linked recipe adds more ingredients and frankly sounds better than the standard recipe.


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I wonder if the buttermilk is why it turns out kind of dry? I have never used buttermilk for anything other than making cornbread before.