Is it illegal to own a still?


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I know that you aren't supposed to make alcohol and then sell it without all sorts of strict licensing, but is it illegal to make your own 'white lightning'? I have a friend who actually uses the still that belonged to his great-grandfather back in the Prohibition. He only brews it for himself but he does share with a few close friends and the family. By the way, yes, that stuff kicks like a mule!


It's all in the interpretation of the law or more so who is interpreting the law. I've heard that you can make as much as you can drink personally and that it can never leave your premisses. Then there is the other interpretation that it cannot be made at home at all. In any case, I just wouldn't go around mentioning it.


I have tasted "Poteen" which is the Irish version of "White Lightning" and boy, does it pack a punch! You can buy it legally now though it used to be illegal to make it, and some of it is 180% proof!!!


The only legal white lightning I know is made in Belmont Farms of Virginia who produces Virginia Lightning and Copper Fox.