Is It Increasing?


Is the number of people who preserve their food in some way increasing or am I just more aware of it. It seems almost everyone I know is starting to grow and preserve their own food in some ways. I think it's wonderful but it does seem to be a commentary on the insecurity of the times.
I think that more people are growing their own food out of necessity. With food prices going through the roof, it only makes sense to grow your own food to supplement the family food stores.


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I know a lot more people who are trying to start gardening, but I don't know anyone who stockpiles or tries to preserve their bounty like we do. Some of the new gardeners are to save money, but I know several who are concerned about toxins and can't find a lot of organic produce.
It's the organic aspect that concerns me the most. The more news we get about how crops are genetically altered and sprayed, the more I want to grow my own. I always have a small garden each year but not enough to preserve. There's always the local farmer's market though.


Most people I know are concerned about toxins in the food supply and prefer to grow and preserve food for that reason. As organic food becomes more available and drops in price, I think fewer people will grow their own again.
I think that people now are definitely becoming more self sustaining. Back when my grandparents were coming up it was the normal thing to do. Then later on, people got away from the idea when food, packaged and prepared, became popular. But now, there are several families just in my community alone that are turning to growing and preserving their own food. And I think it's wonderful.