Is This Even Possible?


Here's one for all you experienced "jammers" out there. Do you think it's possible to make vanilla flavored jam? Don't ask me why, but I thought it would be good to know.


Jam would need fruit, but it just might be possible to make vanilla jelly. This doesn't sound very good to me, but you can make almost any flavor jelly.


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I have yet to see a recipe for plain vanilla jelly, but I did find one for Elderflower and Vanilla Jelly I wonder if you could fiddle with something like that until you get a good recipe. Good luck in your search.


I have made a lot of jam and jelly but never vanilla. It sounds boring to me. I love fruity flavors so I stick with them. I suppose you could add vanilla to a fruit. That might be good.


Couldn't this be done in the way that mint jelly is made, except instead of mint, you can use vanilla bean? I don't think the vanilla will have a strong enough flavor to carry it on it's own, but I think a vanilla would go well together with peach. You could probably make jelly out of anything provided you have enough pectin. :D


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I am not sure about only vanilla flavored jam but I have read that you can make either plum or peach with vanilla flavored jam before. If you can find it only for vanilla I have a feeling my oldest kid would require me to ask you for a copy of the recipe.