Jalapenos in the Ground


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My husband just planted some hot pepper plants – jalapenos. It will be a couple of months before they will be ready to eat, but it will be worth the wait.


My hubby plants these every year. He is the only one to eat them though. It seems like they are the best "growers" in our garden too. The green and yellow peppers stop producing but these keep producing.


I've never tried planting jalapenos. I like them but we don't eat them enough to grow them. I want to try bell peppers this year though and hopefully I don't kill them.
I plant at least 1 jalapeno plant every year because I make fresh salsa all summer long. These add just the right amount of heat. I also slice them up, seed them and freeze them for later. They are great to add to chili or anything else you want to spice up.