K Cups


It seems like everyone I know has tried them, or owns a coffeemaker that uses them. I still have not tried coffee made from the K cups. Does it live up to the hype?


My husband is the coffee drinker, and while we do have a Keurig now, we don't like paying for the individual cups. He has a reusable cup that he fills with regular ground coffee, usually the Eight O Clock brand. He likes the taste of that just fine.


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I am not a daily drinker but they are pretty good. It depends on what you like and what you buy. Not all of them taste the same and there is a huge price to pay when you compare the ones which are already made to the ones you can do on your own.


That's the thing, I don't want to spend more just because the coffee is packaged differently. I don't need any fancy flavors in my morning coffee. All I want is a nice, strong cup of black coffee. :)

I did not know they sold reusable cups so you can put in any coffee you want. That makes it much more worthwhile and affordable. Thanks!
A reusable cup? Hmm…I may have to rethink a Keurig, then! I was under the impression you had to buy the K cups, too.

BrewJen and Clarkdart: is it more convenient than a traditional coffee pot, or roughly the same?