Kits from the Wine Art store


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I always buy my wine kits from the Wine Arts Store near me. My dad taught me how to make wine the way he made it 20 years ago. This is something now we can do together. They are very helpful at this store and with my dad and his knowledge of the different types of grape juice to start with make this a fun and interesting hobby.


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I get kits from a company called Fermentations which is located near me in Toronto. This company also makes your wine or cider for you. You select everything you want, type of juice, type of yeast etc. and they help you get it started. Then you leave all the work to them. When it is ready to bottle they will tell you in advance and you can go and bottle it. I don't use this service as I like all the work involved in making wine and cider.


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My friends go to a place like this every year and have the store make wine for them. I think it is cheating personally but that is just my opinion and they just laugh at me and say this way they can get lots of different wine. The go as a group of 5 and each one picks 2 types of wine. Once the wine is finished each person gets some bottles of 10 different types of wines. It is a much cheaper way of getting wine.


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I also like the work involved in wine-making. I'll probably just go to a store to buy wine-making kits and to ask for advice. Wine Art has changed its name to Wine Kitz, by the way. I'd like to try one of their limited release wine kits. Perhaps I'll try Syrah Grenache.


That is really cool. I am sure there is probably something similar in the Atlanta area. I still want to do it myself as well I just think it is a neat concept. There is probably a lot of knowledge to be had there as well.