Lavender Mead


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Source: Leigh Ann Hussey (
Mead Lover's Digest #5, 1 October 1992

Ingredients (1 gallon):

4lb honey
1/4t citric acid
1 pint lavender flowers
1/2t tannin powder
1/2t champagne yeast
1t yeast nutrient


Boil together honey and 1/2gal water for 5 min. Put flowers with citric
acid and tannin in a gallon jug and pour the hot liquid over. Let cool
in a sink of cold water to room temperature, then add yeast and nutrient
and further water to make a gallon plus a pint. Add the airlock. Let
ferment 1 week, then strain out flowers. Set the lock on again and
ferment until all quiet. Bottle and age.

Second Ferment: 112 days

Based on H.E. Bravery's Rose Mead, from HOME BREWING WITHOUT FAILURES.