Leffe Brun


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Does anyone have a recipe for brewing this beer using readily available ingredients,- but generic descriptions rather than local brands?


Leffe Brun Clone

9½ lbs. Belgian Pils malt
8 oz. Flaked wheat
4 oz. Flaked barley
4 oz. Aromatic
4 oz. Biscuit
4 oz. Chocolate
2 oz. Honey Malt
4 oz. Munich Malt
390 ppg for grains
8 oz. Dark Candi Sugar
2 oz. Malto Dextrine
1 oz. Pride of Ringwood hops
½ oz. Styrian Goldings after 45 minutes
OG for 5.5 Gallons: 1.070
Week long primary fermentation, then racked to two week secondary primed with 1-1/8 cup dark DME
FG comes out to: 1.015

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