Making root beer at home

I believe there is a thread on the recipe on how to make root beer already. I have a ton of sassafras trees in my backyard and I want to try to make some home made root beer from it. I am more so concerned with the process of making it. Is there a particular standard method that I would have to use to make it? I have seen on TV how people have very elaborate beer making systems. Do I need to have equipment that elaborate?


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I think back in the sixtys they stopped using sassafras bark b/c it was determined to be carcinogenic. Wintergreen a nutmeg and such was substituted. A friend of mine worked for A+W and said she was amazed by how much sugar rootbeer contained.
I didn't realize root beer was so full of sugar. Our children love it, and usually order it when they go out to eat. I'm going to look around for a less sugary brand now that I know this.
I know about why they stopped using sassafras for making root beer, and I read the studies. However, I am still quite curious as to how to make it "the colonial way", even for memento's sake.


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I'm surprised, too, that there is so much sugar in root beer. Our grandkids love it, and their mother has encouraged them to choose it instead of Coke. She won't let them go near a diet soda because of the aspartane.