Making Wine?


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Wine is not brewed but if you get a wine kit, the fermenting vessel can be used. I used to make a lot of wine but have no interest in making it again since I discovered good home brew.


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You could make a barley wine if you add lots and lots more barley malt/hops and build up the yeast with a starter....


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Where I live they sell wine making kits in stores. The procedure is very much like making beer, though it involves more siphoning, since you've got to get rid of all the sediment. But basically all you need is two fermenting buckets, proper ingredients (juice, fruits, berries, sugar, spices etc.) and chemicals.

I've made wine from the kits a few times, so I'm by no means a pro. I'd suggest you do some googling or get a book on the subject. Or if they sell some sort of kits where you live, you could get one of those and try what comes out of it.