Making Your Own


Have you ever made your own tea? I have not. There's an herbal shop down the road and I could probably pick some things up to make a blend but I find it easier to buy tea.


I have not. I love tea, but I don't know why I haven't even thought of trying to make my own. I think it would be an interesting kitchen project, and I would love to try varied combinations of herbs.
I don't know enough about the different ways to blend everything to make my own. I wonder if there is some sort of tea mixing for dummies book or online recipes? It would be something interesting to try at least once.


I haven't mixed actual teas together, but I do add things to plain tea to make them more interesting. I'll brew a pot of ordinary tea and add in a bit of orange peel, cinnamon and a couple of cloves, for example. It's far cheaper than buying flavored teas and I don't always have them in the house.
Well, I've made my own herbal infusions, which I guess is the same as tea. I will also add herbs to chamomile or green tea to make it relaxing. For example, lavender leaves and chamomile leaves work pretty well together in mellowing me out. On the other hand, ginger and green tea is a more energetic combination.


I haven't made my own yet, but I see a day coming when I probably will. There's a lot of mint that grows wild around where I live and, on the few occasions I drank it, I've always liked mint tea.
I buy a lot of loose leaf, and one of the things I most enjoy is combining different kinds to see what kind of flavors I get. Blueberry, vanilla, and Earl Grey taste amazing together! So do orange and mint. I haven't tried making an herbal blend before, but now that it's cold season, it's on my list.


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We found a store years ago that did this and we thought it would be okay. We had a sip in the store and it was nice but when we got home it turned bad. Similar to what happens when you leave soda out, it kind of went flat I guess.