Maltodextrin and gravity


James Cowhey

Does anyone know the extraction number for maltodextrin. I added 1 1/4
ounces to my latest batch. I had calculated the OG to be about 1.049 but
ended up with 1.060. I expected the malto to raise the gravity but not by
more than ten degrees.


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Well, I cant tell you what the points of maltodextrin are, however I can tell you what my OG of the batch I just made was, and if your numbers are close to mine we got a match....

5 Gallon Batch

#7 Sorghum Syrup - I have not found the weight of this, but I've read its the same as normal extract. So approx. 33.5 points per pound = 234.5

#1 Honey = 35

#1 Beet Sugar = 40 (Only 1 source)

8 oz. = ?

Estimated OG w/ Maltodextrin
305.5/5 = 61.9

True OG 1.064

So 64 - 61.9 = 2.1 x 5 = Est. 10.5 Points Per Pound...

I don't feel this is a true estimate. Little changes add up quick. What was your recipe? Grain or extract? DME or LME? Steepings?