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I know the traditional way to make a Manhattan but I was wondering if anyone here had something that could spice it up? We are looking into gathering a few recipes so we can start a collection, it seems my better half has decided we need to "entertain more".


My father was a Manhattan drinker. He loved them. He used a spiced vermouth, Italian I believe. Have you tried this? Also, some brandy soaked maraschino cherries might do the trick. Make a batch and keep them refrigerated for your next party.​
The "Manhattan" article suggests using flavored bitters for variations. I wonder also, what a cinnamon stick would do to the flavor? I haven't had a Manhattan in a long, long time. You just made me want to have one again clarkdart. ;)


You just give me a Manhattan any old way. Spicy or not, it's still good. I do prefer mine on the rocks with extra cherries and a nice snow storm outside. It just don't get "no better.":)