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Blueberries are so good for you. I hope some of the nutrients in them are left after all the mead processing occurs. They sound interesting. I've not had any experience with brewing mead and would love to see how it's done.

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I love making mead! It's the easiest hobby I have. Let's make a simple sweet mead. Here are the ingredients you'll need.

- 4 gallons water
- 15 lbs clover honey (1 gallon is approx 12 lbs)
- D-47 Yeast

If you like your tap water, use it, then if not, you may use bottled water as well. Stir the honey and water together until it is completely dissolved. Be sure to put on an airlock and let it sit approximately two months, or until fermentation has stopped. Transfer to secondary and let sit another year. Bottle and drink.


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well it's been 7 mnths. the spec grav is below 1.000... i put in the soduim pot. and benanite.. hoping in another week nice clear mead ready to be drunk.. not that i haven't been "sampling" to make sure it was finished over the past few weeks.. lol..


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Well it has been 2 weeks since i put in the benonite and the potas. sorbate.. the mead seems nice and clear for the most part.. i am going to try and sweeten it today.. Adding 1lb of honey back in.. just hoping the Potas. Sorbate did its job.. lol


I haven't brewed mead, but I have a friend who let me taste some he had done awhile ago. I remember it's being really tasty and rich. There's something in all of us that responds to our rich heritage connected with mead drinkers of the past.


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Thanks for the reply.

That is what i am hoping for. I am planning on bring it up in sweetness a little by adding a pound of honey once it’s done.

I made the biggest mistake tonight though. I will preface this by saying i brew beer and not wine or mead.

The majority of the bubbling calmed down.. Decided to xfr the mead to a glass carboy; with beer i would check the gravity and try a sample to see how it tastes. I did that..

It was like drinking a sweet snot ball.. that was nasty.. lol Will wait for another month and add something to clear the wine before doing that again.. lol


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lol... in some of my earlier postings i said the same thing about the snot ball.

i would xfr to a new carboy but do not check it or try and clear is for a few more months depending on how much honey you used. i used 15 lbs. it did not seem to loose that funny taste or feel till about the 6 mnth mark and now at the 10 mnth i cleared it with the benenite and it is clear as a bell and tasting great.

good luck.


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I'm there as well, newbie time. I've decided to make a mead But I'm not sure which one I should make. I have an orange blossom honey bee keeper for a neighbor. What variety ( melomel, braggot, pyment etc.) is most widely enjoyed. It would be a shame to put forth the effort and make something nobody liked.
I had a very good, well great, vanilla cinnamon mead once. I wish I could have gotten the recipe. But I tend to make mine sweet or semi-sweet as that is what the wife likes. She actually loves my blueberry mead. She refuses to give any more bottles away until I make some more.

I would make a basic, biased off of what you like. Sweet, semi, dry, wine type. From there I would venture into other things you like. For me it is blueberries. The wife happens to like them too, which helps.


That sounds very good, especially the blueberry mead. Though the orange zest sounds good too. I may have to try to make some but I'm a total noob in any brewing. Making something that's specific to my taste would be awesome instead of drinking whatever the brewery cranks out.


I haven't looked much into the actual mead-making process, and had no idea it took as much time as this thread has indicated. I thought it just took a couple months.


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meade takes almost 12 months before its fully done.. 9 months if you dont mind a thick feel to the wine(meade).


You can really cut down on your fermentation time by either making a small mead or by adding a good yeast nutrient like fermax.


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Good tip Fermax yeast nutrient. Clarifiers are not all created equal either. That barrel of peach wine in my avatar was split to carboys. I added bentonite to 1 and sparkaloid to an other. A day later the bentonite jug was majorly clearer than the other. 2 weeks later I added bentonite to the sparkaloid jug and it did catch up. Some clarifiers are positive charged and others negative and some are 2 part. And each beverage is different. I hope I cleared that up for you. Lol