Mixing alcohol with cider


We made a lot of cider over last weekend. When they were pouring the cider into the jugs someone asked why we did not add a dash of alcohol. I have never done this before. I'm not sure how it would even taste. Would it hurt the cider if you added a shot or two of some kind of liquor?


I wouldn't add alcohol from the start, but you could use the cider as a mixer if you know of a drink that would work. If you want cider to be alcoholic, it would make more sense to make hard cider than to mix another type of liquor into it.


What kind of alcohol are you going to add? I'm like corked here. I wouldn't add it to the whole batch but I would use the cider for an alcoholic mixer if the occasion called for it. Might be good with some apple vodka over ice. Yum!


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If I wanted alcoholic cider I would have just made hard cider to start with. I guess you could use it as a mixer though, particularly if you are having an occasion where not everyone drinks.


Maybe you would want to add something to it if you really liked that flavor. I don't know if I would though. I guess I would just make apple cider and then add alcohol to my glass if I liked it. Not everyone has the same likes.