More Energy Consumption?


Is it true that using your oven to dehydrate foods consumes more energy than a dehydrator? It makes sense to me that it would, but a friend insisted that since you are extracting the same amount of moisture in both cases, the power draw would be approximately the same.


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I am not sure but I would think so due to the size. Even when we use our oven for simple things to warm up it seems like it takes a great deal of energy to set it up. I wish the oven could be fixed kind of like the CFL light bulbs are better than the old fashion ones. We need something like that for the oven!


The dehydrator that I used to have wasn't much more than a small heat source with fans to circulate the air. I don't think it used too much energy. The oven takes a lot more because it's constantly turning off and on to regulate the heat and stay at the same temperature.


Oh yeah, the oven most certainly does use a lot more energy. Take into account all the preheating time for the oven to get it to the right temperature. I would not want to waste all that gas or electric for dehydrating foods.