My mystery garden

This year I didn't get my garden in, but I have found a couple mystery plants that grew up from last year. I am not sure if one of the rotten veggies that got left behind is the cause or if the plants actually survived the winter, but it looks like I have a mini mystery garden growing. I know for sure one is a tomato plant, but I don't know what the other is.


We had that happen the year after we moved out garden. Two tomato plants, a cucumber and a watermelon sprouted in the old garden. I told hubby to just leave them where they were, but he tried to move them anyway. Needless-to-say, they didn't make it.
It's always such fun to guess what the volunteer plants are until you can tell for sure. I've had surprise basil, onions and tomatoes in my garden plot. Nice! Enjoy your tomatoes Stephanie.


Most gardens are very organized by row and stakes signifying what is there. A "mystery garden" is kind of cool because you have to wait and see what's going on.
It is pretty interesting. I am really hoping for peppers. The plants are getting bigger but they haven't bloomed yet. It's still a wait and see game at this point.


I didn't think any of those were plants that come back over and over. Growing up, we always had a garden and never had anything come up again. Then again, the first thing in the spring, my dad would always go out and till so perhaps that killed anything that might have started.


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That is better than the surprise we got this weekend. From all of the rain that came down it seems the Poison Ivy in our yard is making its way from the neighbor's side of the fence, crawling under it and sprouting up on the side of our shop. I would much rather have surprise veggies!!


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Last fall we found some exploding targets for shooting and decided to stuff them in some pumpkins during our annual fall party. Yesterday, we found two really big pumpkin plants from a few of the surviving seeds. Looks like we might not have to buy pumpkins this year!
Clark, I definitely would not want that as a surprise! I did notice that the tomato plant had a flower on it, so tomatoes should be following soon. I didn't think they were plants that came up again either , but I did some research and they are.