New Guy Wants To Make Wine


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I've never made wine before, but I really want to learn how to do it. It's part of my long-term bucket list, lol. I read there are kits, or you can make it from scratch. For a first timer, which do you recommend?

I personally think I would rather make from scratch. Is there a guide anywhere that I can read? I'm supposed to use rotten fruit, such as grapes correct? What other gradients will I need and how much?


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Winemaking fits better in the wine making section. Homebrew is more a beer discussion and there are also cider and mead threads if you leaning toward apples and honey. If you dont make wine and you dont have a friend that makes wine then a kit is the right place to start. It cost a bit to get all your equipment and a juice kit but it is an introduction that everyone needs. Once you have some stuff you can try scratch wines as you choose.Good luck.:insertevillaughhere