New Years

It's only a few days away! What are you all doing for New Year's Eve/New Year's Day? Anything special? If the weather holds on NYE, I'll be hanging out on a mountain top watching fireworks in the city down below. It's a quiet, contemplative way to bring in the year.


That sounds like a nice way to celebrate, lady earl grey.

I don't have much planned for New Year's Eve. The last few years we've just stayed home rather than brave the crowds. New Year's Day we usually have a nice dinner with pork roast, dumplings, and sauerkraut.


That sounds like a wonderful way to "ring" in the new year. We just go to a friend's house to celebrate with a bunch of our other friends. I would love to go on top of a mountain and watch the fireworks.


I remember one year I did something like that and it was spectacular. Another thing to do if you're in the city, is get up to a rooftop and watch the fireworks from there. The views are awesome, and you can even bring a drink with you!
Well, if the weather keeps up this rainy business, I'll probably be at home instead! Not much for parties these days. If it's rainy, it's much more likely that I'll be curling up with a good book for New Years. Plenty of ways to be contemplative.

I like the rooftop idea. Might have to try that one!


For New Year's Eve, I'll be working until 6:30am. After my 12.5 hour shift, I'll haul my brew equipment out to a member's home to join in their 14th annual Recovery Brewout.


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Sounds like after working a schedule like that you need some recovery time. We stayed in for the holiday, the weather was horrible. Today it is 25 out and when it gets that cold I expect snow or ice on the ground.


We had some friends over and just relaxed with a few beers. Near midnight, we broke out the bubbly. Some of us had straight champagne, while others enjoyed mimosas.