Nonalcoholic wine

Does anyone have a recipe for some good, nonalcoholic wine? I still want it to taste kind of like it has alcohol, but it would be better for the people involved at my next function if it didn't actually contain it.


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I have never even heard of non alcoholic wine before but then again when your not looking for something don't expect to find it. As far as non alcoholic goes, most non alcoholic beers contain a very low percentage of actual alcohol. If something like that is what you are looking for maybe you can just adjust one of your favorite recipes. Since you can adjust to be stronger or less alcohol maybe you can just adjust the recipe to be extremely on the weak side. I'm tired so sorry if I'm hard to follow right now. lol.


I have never heard of non-alcoholic wine either. I have this impression that wine, to be wine, should contain a certain amount of alcohol. :rolleyes: I did Google search and I found out that there are indeed alcohol-free wines.

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There are a few sparkling fruit juices, but in general, non-alcoholic wine is just fruit juice. Kroger will definitely carry the sparkling fruit juices, or a way to make your own is to combine some club soda and your favorite fruit juice. Kroger will carry Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice. It just tastes like fizzy grape juice. It comes in packaging that looks like a champagne bottle. Our parents used to give it to us when we were kids on New Years Eve, etc. Wine gets its taste from the alcohol content otherwise it is just grape juice. It isn't like they make an O'dsouls version of wine.


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To add since I am a little curious too, does anyone know the best type of wine that would be the lowest in calories? A friend trying to lose weight asked me about 'diet' wine and I told her I haven't a clue, seems right up the ballpark to me here as low cal would more than likely be non-alcoholic too.