Oatmeal Wheat Stout


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Ingredients (5 gal):
5 lbs British Pale malt
2 lbs Wheat malt
1 lb medium british crystal
1 lb Quaker Rolled (Minute) oats
1 lb roasted barley
1 oz Chinook (12 HBU) 75 minutes
.5 oz Goldings (2.5 hbu) 30 mins
.5 oz Goldings Steeped at end of boil
Wyeast London ESB 1968 in 1 quart (liter, actually) starter.
Irish moss added at final 15 minutes of boil. Total boil was 75
The recipe is adapted from Papazians "Barrel of Monkeys Oatmeal-Wheat
Stout" (_The Home Brewer's Companion_), with some changes to the
grain bill, hop types and mashing schedule.
Mashing was done in my 8 gallon enamel canning pot with an EasyMasher
(tm) installed. Doughed in with 2.5 gals water (which frankly seemed
a bit low, and made for a really thick mash) and rested at 104 F. for
20 mins.
Protein rest at 124F. for 20 mins. to ungum the gummies.
Starch conversion at @ 155F. for 1 hour.
Mash out at 168F. for 15 minutes.
Begin sparge from hell. Ran off and recirculated a little less than 1
quart before the runnings ran clear. Of course, it's pretty d*mn hard
to tell when the runnings from a stout wort are "clear", so I was
pretty much guessing. My sparge, when it finally began, was a mere
trickle, even with the EasyMasher spigot wide open. I forget exactly
what I figured as the rate of outflow, but I believe that my
calculations indicated that I would have 6 gallons of wort collected
just prior to Easter Sunday.
I tried everything to alleviate the problem, including blowing gently
into spigot to clear the screen (watch those lips!) as suggested in
the EasyMasher instructions. Finally (duh!) I just reheated
everything to 168F., including the sparge water that had been already
added, gave it 10 minutes for the filter bed to settle, recirculated
again and tried again. Things went fine after that. The short
recirculation time for the EasyMasher seemed to be a real advantage
in this situation.