Peach Mead


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Source: Gordon Olson (
Mead Lover's Digest #195, 16 August 1993


12 pounds of blended clover honey
1/2 tsp. Irish moss
11 pounds of pitted, pureed, peaches
2 pkgs. Red Star Pris de Mousse yeast


Boil honey and irish moss with 2.5 gallons of water for 15 minutes.
Turn off the heat, and add the peaches. Soak at 160 F for 15 minutes to
pasteurize. Then I cooled the mead with a counterflow wort chiller. (I
am switchingto the immersion-type of wort chiller.) Because of the high
gravity and the fact that tiny pieces of peach were sucked into the wort
chiller, this took a long time. After the initial run off, I stirred hot
water into the peach mush in my kettle and drained that water through
the wort chiller.

2 Redstar Prise de Mousse yeast packages were rehydrated in hot water
and added to the 69 F mead. With all the nutrients from the peaches, it
fermented fast, I actually had some peach pieces blown out through the
blow-off tube attached to the 5 gallon carboy.

After two weeks I added 2 tsp. of pectic enzymes. Unfortunately, a thick
layer of sediment formed and a thick layer of floating peach pieces
formed. Only a band in the middle was relatively clear. Agitating, by
spinning the carboy didn't seem to help, so, after three weeks, I
siphoned out this middle 3 gallons into a clean carboy (SG=0.994). In
retrospect, what I should have done was finish fermenting this mead in a
3 gallon carboy. Since I didn't have one at the time, I boiled 3 pounds
of honey in 1.5 gallons of water and topped up the 5 gallon carboy.

Two months after starting, I racked the mead into a clean carboy
(SG=0.994, again). I added 5 Stabilizing Tablets to kill off the yeast
and two pounds of boiled honey to sweeten the mead.

Three months after starting, I added 2 tablespoons of polyclar in 1/2
cup of hot water. This clarified the mead and I bottled three days
later. It was bottled straight from the carboy with nothing added.