Pear Brandy


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Someone I know has a pear tree in the back yard. He heard that you could grow a pear in a bottle, so he waited until the pears started to grow, put a large bottle over one and tied it to the tree. When it was large and ready to pick, he pulled the bottle off the tree with the pear inside and filled it with brandy. You can check out YouTube videos to see how it's done.
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That sounds interesting lab22. I'll go look it up. Over time, the brandy should take on a pear flavor. I'll bet it would work with apples too. Apple brandy sound pretty good.


Can you post a picture of that lab22? I would love to see what it looks like. I have heard of growing watermelons in a box so they would be square but never heard of a pear in a bottle.


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Sure, I don't have one from my friend's but here's what they look like hanging from the tree.

It would look really cool if you had bottles hanging from a few trees. He only did one bottle but some places will have a lot of them all over their orchard.