Peppermint patties

My brothers favorite candy is peppermint patties. I would like to make him some for Christmas, but I don't have a recipe. Can anyone help me out with a recipe they have tried before?


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We snagged our recipe from a website here but sometimes the kids want to put extra things in it, one year we had a strawberry coating (it was horrible). Experiment with ease, better safe than sorry.


Ugh! Strawberry sounds awful! I too love peppermint patties. I am going to try this! It sure looks easy enough. I love making new candies! I make up plates of homemade goodies for each neighbor.


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Great idea! I love eating peppermint patties. I don't know why I never thought of making them for myself before...

Thanks for the recipe link. I will be trying these out this weekend hopefully.
That does look pretty easy. I will have to give it a try. I love making cookies and candies at Christmas time too. I make up trays for coworkers, friends and family every year.


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It was pretty bad but I had to save face in order to avoid a shedding of tears by the kids. They did put a good bit of work into it but sometimes things for kids are great when they are for adults it makes you want to upchuck.