Plum Melomel


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Source: Roger Locniskar (
Mead Lover's Digest #11, 8 October 1992


7.5lbs Citrus Honey (Orange Blossom is the best or whatever)
25-30lbs Plums (halved and pitted is best, but at least halved)
3-4 tsp. Yeast Nutrient
1 pkg Pectic Enzyme
1 pkg Champagne Yeast
Acid Blend (you'll need an Acid Testing Kit too)


The Day Before:
Start the yeast the day before you start the mead using a standard yeast
starter of orange juice, water, sugar and yeast nutrient.

The Day of:
Make sure the plums are at room temp. Do not heat them to do this, just
let them come up to room temp naturally. Dissolve the honey in 2
gallons of water, do not let it boil, just get the water hot enough to
dissolve the honey. Combine the plums, honey water, yeast nutrient,
pectic enzyme and 2 more gallons of water in a large open primary
fermenter. Mix well. The original gravity reading should be between
1.080 and 1.090. Add the yeast, stir it up, and cover lightly. Stir
the fruit down twice a day.

Some Days Later:
Check the gravity after about 5 days. When the gravity reaches 1.020,
rack and press the must into a sulfited glass secondary fermenter and
add 1/2 camden tablet per gallon of must to prevent oxidation. Fit a
fermentation lock on the bottle and let it rip.

When the gravity reaches 1.000 rack again into a clean sulfited carboy,
again adding 1/2 camden tablet per gallon for the same reason.

When the fermentation stops, let it sit for a few days to let the lees
settle out. Rack into a clean sulfited carboy adding 1 camden tablet
per gallon of product and fine with a Bentonite mixture. Let this sit
for 10 days. Rack the final product (leaving the lees behind as usual)
into a clean sulfited carboy and let bulk age for three months. Test
the acid level at this point using an acid testing kit and adjust the
acid to a level of .55. The kit will tell you given what your acid
level is at how much to add. If you have a spare frig you can put the
carboy in, the last month of the bulk age put the mead in the frig to
chill proof it.

Filter the mead with fine filters and bottle. Let bottle age for at
least 6 months (1 year is better). Enjoy.