Popcorn Balls


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I suppose you can consider it candy making since it's made with tons of sugar and it's a sweet snack. Just let me know if I have this in the wrong forum.

Last night I made way too much popcorn. So I decided to make popcorn balls, which I have never made before. I used a recipe that I found online and followed it to the letter. They came out a little bit too hard to chew. They were still good and edible, but just too hard. I'm thinking I might have cooked the mixture too long, past the hard-ball stage maybe, but I followed the directions on the temperature reaching 255. Any advice on this. Maybe cook it less? Or better yet, does anyone have a better recipe that they have had success with? Halloween is coming up and I'd like to make these as a treat for a get together.


What did you use? I have never made popcorn balls before. I have made Rice Krispies balls before. They were delicious. What is the mixture? Marshmallows and butter? I would like to give it a shot.
I have found that it has a lot to do with the humidity. The drier the air, the harder the popcorn balls and the greater the tendency to overcook the mixture. I'm guessing you used sugar and water? Next time try clear Karo syrup. That might work better.


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The temperature seems about right. How high was the temperature before you added in the sugar? I know that happened with us once on an oven that always seemed to heat up too quick, after we bought a new one the problem was solved.


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I bet it would be good with marshmallows and butter!

It was water, sugar, clear corn syrup, salt, vinegar, vanilla, and popcorn. I added all of the ingredients at the same time, except for the vanilla extract and popcorn. Should I have waited to add the sugar? The recipe said to combine the ingredients and cook over high heat until it reached 255 degrees. Could that have been the problem?
My parents used to use liquid Jello to stick the popcorn balls together. They were never hard. I am not sure of the exact recipe though. I know that the weather (humidity and stuff) can really wreak havoc on candy.