Prepper here...


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I am one of those doomsday preppers you hear about, but I promise, I'm not a rabid here-comes-the-end freak. I just like to be prepared. I'm also big on environmental consciousness so I guess you'd probably call me a tree-hugger, too. I'm hoping to get new ideas for ways to conserve and preserve, in any area that I can.


Gotta agree with you there. It's just good sense to have things on hand for "just in case". It's saved my bonny blue buns more times than not. We can our food during the summer after we grow and harvest, we are working on getting a solar energy system even if it wouldn't totally take care of our living space. We have a composting system and grow organic food. I have plans to make a root cellar this summer too. We also hunt and fish. By golly, I think we're preppers too! :D Seriously though. It's honestly how we were brought up and how we have lived for years. I think a lot of people do the same but just do it as a way of life like we do. A lot of people are just coming to realize it just makes good sense. Welcome!