Pu erh tea

Has anyone else tried this tea? I ordered a sample of Adagio's Pu erh Chorange, and...it is the smoothest cup of tea I have ever had. Tastes exactly like a chocolate orange! Apparently pu erh is known for being a very mellow tea, and for its benefits. It actually lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides! I think I've found a new favorite tea.


I have never heard of pu erh tea, even at specialty tea shops. How do you pronounce the name and where did you get the tea?
I love Adagio Teas. They have a pu erh selection here. I've only tried the chocolate orange, but the others look good, too! I believe it's pronounced "poo-err."


I've never heard of this either but I am very intrigued. I'm not a big fan of the chocolate orange combination but the Tahiti blend with coconut and papaya sounds very good.

Thanks for sharing that site! I think I am going to buy some teas as soon as Christmas is over. I'm broke right now. :)
They tend to rotate free shipping deals once a month. Adagio is pretty reasonable, and the sample packs last a good bit. The great thing about loose leaf is that you can get 3-4 cups of tea out of a teaspoon. Much better than your standard grocery store tea bags!


Thanks for the link, lady earl grey! I want to try the hazelberry and the spice varieties myself. I didn't realize you could get so many cups out of a teaspoon of loose leaf tea.
Yep! And loose leaf tastes so much better. The teabags you get at grocery stores tend to be little more than dust--no thanks. I've never gone back. Loose leaf might cost a little more, but it goes a lot farther.


I have never had a loose leaf tea but I am definitely going to give it a try after reading the comments from you guys. I am not sure about chocolate-orange tea, but who knows it might be really good.
The weird thing about pu erh is that there is absolutely no bitterness--it's all smooth. It really does taste like a chocolate orange. I can't vouch for the others as I haven't tried them yet, but Adagio tends to have really good stock. Go by the ratings. Scores of 93 and up are usually very, very good.