Pumpkin themes


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Is anyone here planning to setup a pumpkin theme in their yard this year? I have seen a ton of good ideas online lately and we are thinking about it. Though I have to say it seems there are many adult themes too (those like the pumpkin that got too tipsy and vomited seeds), not sure those are kid friendly but would be good for an adult Halloween party.


I used to do this clarkdart but haven't in several years. About all I can muster now is a couple of plastic jack-o-lanterns outside the front door. I have seen some beautiful displays in my neighborhood. Mostly they are fall themes rather than Halloween.


No... I do love them though. I would say that one isn't too kid friendly. How about the scarecrow bent over mooning people? His butt is just pumpkins?


I don't normally do a theme, really. We have the leaf-stuffed pumpkin bags on the lawn, and then we set up jack-o-lanterns but they don't necessarily match a theme. Usually everyone who comes over is offered a pumpkin to either carve or paint as they choose. Then we set them up along the porch rail or down the stairs. We've done this with real pumpkins or the fake ones from the craft store.


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We don't really have a theme, but we will let both kids pick out a pattern for their jack-o-lantern. We usually go to a Fall festival that let's you paint pumpkins as well, and we will put all of them on the porch.