Putting herbs and veggie pieces in cheese?


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I was wondering if anyone has tried this, and if so how it turned out. I was thinking of trying to make something like this but I do not know which herbs or veggies to try. Possibly some basil and sundried tomatoes to start?


Cheese-making factories do this and if there's a homemade one, you'll gonna need some equipment to do that. I've tasted some thyme cheese before but I prefer basil in cheese.


It's actually really easy to do with soft cheeses. You just add them in and enjoy. Basil and sundried tomatoes sound delicious. I like using things like dried onions and garlic for cheese that I'll use for cheeseballs, too.


Like Jessi, I have tried adding herbs in soft cheeses. I love cheese and I like experimenting with it, trying to figure out what I can make out of it. So far, I have used basil and parsley with cream cheese and cottage cheese.


Our local cheese factory uses a variety of herb/cheese combinations including tomato basil, which is one of my favorites. Another favorite is garlic herb. This is quite strong and doesn't take much to get that garlic taste. Combined with wine and grapes, it is an excellent treat.