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Hey, Im a starving college student and I had this great idea to make my own beer this summer. I was wondering if anyone knew some good recipes is should start off on. I tend to drink darker beers, but I am open to anything. Thanks,


This is a recipe that I keep on tap at all times:

Black Boar’s Blood Ale (5 gallons)

3 lbs. Amber DME
2½ lbs. Dark DME
1 lb. Light dry DME
1 lb. Crystal malt (60L)
½ oz. Northern brewer pellets
2½ oz. Amarillo pellets
1 pkg. American ale yeast

OG: 1.058
FG: 1.009

Start by steeping grains (156ºF) for 30 min in ½ gallon water. Sparge with another ½ gallon at ~ 170°F. Start boil after bringing the initial water volume to 2 gallons. Add DME and Northern Brewer pellets. Boil 30 minutes and add 1oz. Amarillo pellets. Boil 20 minutes add 1oz. Amarillo pellets. Turn off heat and add ½ oz. Amarillo pellets. Cool wort and strain into fermenter. At 70°F pitch yeast. Primary ferment for 6 days. Rack to secondary for 2 weeks.

Prior to bottling:
Boil ¾ cup (approx. ½ lb.) of Dark DME in 2 cups of water. Rack into bottling bucket with beer and proceed with bottling. Ready in two to three weeks.

Average cost, $0.60 per 12 oz. bottle.