Recommend wine kits here


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I have seen more and more people wanting to start making wine with a kit. I think that is a wonderful place for beginners to start. If you have a good wine kit you can recommend, do it here.


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Interestingly enough, Amazon has quite a few wine making kits because it has become very popular. Out of the ones I have tried I think that Grand Cru's Chardonnay Wine Making kit is pretty good.


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Dimanti makes a really good wine kit. They have an ice wine style kit that makes a very smooth and enjoyable wine. You can buy it for between $40 and $60 depending on where you are.


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http://finevinewines.comI buy most of my kits from George. They are a great company. A lot of selection too. And all fresh first quality products. I dont trust ebay and havent tried amazon but saw some junk on both. a 7 to 10 liter kit is a good beginning. Not too expensive and not garbage. A kit is a great introduction to a wonderful hobby.


I'll have to check out that company thanks! I know even Walmart has kits on occasion but usually just around Christmas. I have always wanted to try one though.


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These are very good recommendations. I will check out their websites. Please keep them coming as I am shopping around. Is making wine very hard to do with these kits? I have never tried before so I thought I'd ask.


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Can you also buy all the things you need at that website? Things like the big glass fermenting bottles and the special little tops that allows the fermenting air to escape without any air getting into the vessel? I'm still using most of my dad's stuff and it is getting kind of warn out. The prices are ok for the big fermenting glass bottles at the place I go to but the cork things are really expensive.


I've wanted to give a few buddies a wine making kit. They have expressed an interest in what I've been talking about. This would be a good way for me to get them interested and perhaps make one or two of them a wine making cohort. Thanks for the suggestions.